Matt Oberdorfer

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Lesions were produced in the nasal-superior quadrant of rat retinas at 1 day postnatal. Both the optic fiber and ganglion cell layers were destroyed at the lesion site. Retrograde changes in the more peripherally located ganglion cell bodies, their optic fibers, and neuroglia were monitored by light and electron microscopy. No optic fibers remained in the(More)
OBJECTIVES Temporomandibular pain is often accompanied by pathologic changes to joint retrodiscal tissues. The substantial representation of females in this condition has encouraged hypotheses which link genetic or hormonally induced abnormalities in tissue composition (type III collagen, type I collagen, type III/type I ratio) to the development of(More)
Error and reproducibility of the total and divided renal clearance determination was investigated, using a partially shielded whole-body counter. The error of the total renal clearance determination using ortho-131I-hippuran (OIH) depends primarily on the downslope of the whole-body curve, i.e. on renal function. The error is as low as +/- 6% for clearance(More)
The aim of this study was to demonstrate the advantage and validity of 133Xe-washout externally monitored by the scintillation camera. Until now there were no reports on quantitative blood flow studies in Hyperacute rejection of transplanted kidneys using a scintillation camera. Within 35 minutes after e-vivo hemoperfusion of rabbit kidneys by cats we found(More)
In 153 children suffering from various renal or urological disease a total of 179 individual and regional renal clearance studies were performed using 123-I-hippuran and a scintillation camera. The clinical diagnoses and questions before and the therapeutic consequences after clearance determinations are analyzed. The dynamic information fo sequential(More)
We present the first reinforcement-learning model to self-improve its reward-modulated training implemented through a continuously improving " intuition " neural network. An agent was trained how to play the arcade video game Pong with two reward-based alternatives, one where the paddle was placed randomly during training, and a second where the paddle was(More)
A "region of interest" technique for measuring renal blood flow is described, using as Anger camera and selective intra-arterial injection of 133Xe and 99mTc. The sequence of measurements has the advantage of providing information on regional blood flow. The values for RBF and RBFD obtained with 133Xe agree with those in the literature. Selective(More)
The methodical prerequisitis and the clinical results-of simultaneous double-radionuclide determinations of renal clearances of 99mTc-DTPA (Sn) and 131I-Hippuran, using a partially shielded whole-body counter, are reported. Examination of the in vitro stability of the 99mTc-DTPA (Sn) complex by radiochromatographic separation revealed an unbound 99mTc(More)
Report on a method of measuring the middle transit-time (t) which represents a measure for renal circulation. Time-activity curves obtained after arterial injection of 99m-Tc and registration with the Anger camera, could be subdivided into 4 individual curves using a program of calculation (initial drop, 2 waves of recirculation, underlying activity); t(More)
Clearance determination by compartmental analysis of hippurate renograms was compared in 30 cases to the conventional PAH and to the partly shielded whole body counting technique. Good correlations between compartmental analysis and PAH method (r = 0.96) as well as the whole body technique (r = 0.94) were found. Correlation between PAH and whole body method(More)