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We present Meeting Miner, a multimodal meeting browser for navigating recordings of online text and speech collaborative meetings. Meetings are recorded through a collaborative writing environment specially designed to capture participants activities. This information, usually lost in common recordings of multimodal meetings, offers novel possibilities for(More)
BACKGROUND Primary care doctors in NHSScotland have been using electronic medical records within their practices routinely for many years. The Scottish Health Executive eHealth strategy (2008-2011) has recently brought radical changes to the primary care computing landscape in Scotland: an information system (GPASS) which was provided free-of-charge by(More)
Health Information Management Systems (HIMS) face considerable technical and organisational barriers before successful deployment in hospitals. In addition, many existing systems have significant limitations, including: lack of flexibility and adaptability to complex requirements and processes and a general lack of " intelligence ". They offer basic patient(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify implementation lessons from the United Kingdom Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale (dallas) program-a large-scale, national technology program that aims to deliver a broad range of digital services and products to the public to promote health and well-being. MATERIALS AND METHODS Prospective, longitudinal qualitative(More)
The recent large-scale deployment of Electronic Health Records (EHR) across medical institutions provides new opportunities of secondary use of EHR. One prerequisite of meaningful use of EHR data is interoperability among knowledge, data, and applications in healthcare IT. In this paper, we introduce our vision on applying semantic web techniques to(More)
We describe our experience of designing and implementing a knowledge-based pre-operative assessment decision support system. We developed the system using semantic web technology, including modular ontologies developed in the OWL Web Ontology Language, the OWL Java Application Programming Interface and an automated logic rea-soner. Using ontologies at the(More)
In our participation in the TREC 2011 Medical Records track, we investigate (1) novel voting-based approaches for identifying relevant patient visits from an aggregate of relevant medical records, (2) the effective handling of negated language in records and queries, and (3) the adoption of medical-domain ontologies for improving the representation of(More)
This paper presents an overview of the dallas (Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale) programme and discusses a preliminary evaluation framework being developed by the University of Glasgow in collaboration with the dallas programme stakeholders. The dallas programme aims to deliver independent and assisted living solutions across communities in(More)