Matt Mitchell

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To address the challenges associated with metabolomics analyses, such as identification of chemical structures and elimination of experimental artifacts, we developed a platform that integrated the chemical analysis, including identification and relative quantification, data reduction, and quality assurance components of the process. The analytical platform(More)
We study how the market for innovation affects enforcement of patent rights. Conventional wisdom associates the gains from trade with comparative advantage in manufacturing or marketing. We show that these gains imply that patent transactions should increase litigation risk. We identify a new source of gains from trade, comparative advantage in patent(More)
This article investigates the patent trading flows of small and large firms and the determinants of these firms’ patent sale and acquisition decisions. We document the role that firm size, technological fit, the economic value of a technology, and patent technology sector plays in patent sales and acquisitions. To do so, we develop a new, comprehensive data(More)
There is a paucity of objective information in the literature about first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) hemiarthroplasty. The authors postulate that it is a reasonable treatment option for severe hallux rigidus in selected patients. Twenty-two elective first MTP hemiarthroplasties were performed on 20 patients that met the inclusion criteria. Pre- and(More)
The "market for patents rights" — the sale of patents— is an often discussed source of incentives to invest in R&D. This article presents and estimates a model of the transfer and renewal of patents that, under some assumptions, allows us to quantify the gains resulting from the transfer of patent rights. The gains from trade measure the private benefits of(More)
This study evaluates the impact of high-skilled immigrants on US technology formation. We use reduced-form specifications that exploit large changes in the H-1B visa program. Higher H-1B admissions increase immigrant science and engineering (SE) employment and patenting by inventors with Indian and Chinese names in cities and firms dependent upon the(More)
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