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On Preventive Justice
Responsibility and choice
In this essay I agrue that contemporary Anglo-American liberal egalitarianism has at its heart a tension: the goal is to find principles of justice that are fair in respecting the distinction betweenExpand
Criminal law and cultural diversity
1. Introduction 2. Criminal Law and Culture 3. Culture and Criminalization 4. Between Denial and Recognition: Criminal Law and Cultural Diversity 5. Responsibility, Morality, and Culture 6. CulturalExpand
Justice and Constructivism
Albert Weale's Democratic Justice and the Social Contract is an important book. It offers an innovative and original (proceduralist) account of justice. In so doing, it places what Brian Barry calledExpand
Responsibility and Justice
* Table of Contents * Acknowledgments *1. The Many Faces of Responsibility *2. Thinking About Responsibility *3. Responsibility Within Distributive Justice *4. Responsibility Within RetributiveExpand
Is Twenty-first Century Punishment Post-desert?
Scanlon and Contractualism
1. Scanlon and Reasons 2. The Magic in the Pronoun 'My' 3. Contractualism, Spare Wheel, Aggregation 4. Responsibility and Choice 5. Promises and Perlocutions 6. Contractualism and the Virtues.
Duff on Hard Treatment