Matt Masten

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  • Joachim Freyberger, Brandon Reeves, +5 authors Xiaoxia Shi
  • 2017
We propose a uniformly valid inference method for an unknown function or parameter vector satisfying certain shape restrictions. The method applies very generally, namely to a wide range of finite dimensional and nonparametric problems, such as regressions or instrumental variable estimation, to both kernel or series estimators, and to many different shape(More)
In 2007, Michigan began requiring all high school students to take the ACT college entrance exam. This natural experiment allows us to evaluate the performance of several parametric and semiparametric sample selection correction models. We apply each model to the censored, prepolicy test score data and compare the predicted values to the uncensored,(More)
Intel® Xeon Phi coprocessor is based on the Intel® Many Integrated Core (Intel® MIC) architecture, which is an innovative new processor architecture that combines abundant thread parallelism with long SIMD vector units. Efficiently exploiting SIMD vector units is one of the most important aspects in achieving high performance of the(More)
There is a strong, positive and well-documented correlation between education and health outcomes. There is much less evidence on the extent to which this correlation reflects the causal effect of education on health the parameter of interest for policy. In this paper we attempt to overcome the difficulties associated with estimating the causal effect of(More)
T a t u m und Mitarbeiter haben das Pikrotoxin als Gegenmittel flit Sehlafmittelvcrgiftungen empfohlen. Am Hund hebt I m g Pikrotoxin die Wirkung yon 35 mg Amytal, yon 36 mg Pernocton bzw. 27,7 mg pentobarbitursaurem Natrium auf. 2--4 mg/kg Pikrotoxin erwicsen sich fiir Kaninchen als giftig. Wurden entsprcchcndc Mcngen yon Barbiturs~urederivaten gegeben, so(More)