Matt Masten

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  • Douglas A Webber, H I G H L I G H, T S, John Abowd, Francine Blau, Ron Ehrenberg +11 others
  • 2015
• Use linked employer–employee data to estimate dynamic labor supply model • First to estimate firm-level labor supply elasticities • Average firm is fairly monopsonistic, but there is a wide distribution. • First to demonstrate link between firm labor supply elasticity and worker earnings a b s t r a c t a r t i c l e i n f o Using the Longitudinal(More)
  • Joachim Freyberger, Matt Masten, Konrad Menzel, Diane Schanzenbach, Arek Szydlowski, Alex Torgovitsky
  • 2012
This paper studies nonparametric panel data models with multidimensional, unobserved individual effects when the number of time periods is fixed. I focus on models where the unobservables have a factor structure and enter an unknown structural function nonadditively. A key distinguishing feature of the setup is to allow for the various unobserved individual(More)
  • Damon Clark, Heather Royer, Josh Angrist, Kelly Bedard, David Card, Olivier Deschenes +11 others
  • 2010
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