Matt Martinez

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We describe a mechanically checked proof that the Boyer-Moore fast string searching algorithm is correct. This is done by expressing both the fast algorithm and the naïve (obviously correct) algorithm as functions in applicative Common Lisp and proving them equivalent with the ACL2 theorem prover. The algorithm verified differs from the original Boyer-Moore(More)
A new demand feeder was designed for the automatic and accurate feeding of fish. The feeding device is microcomputer controlled and permits the continuous recording of feeding behaviour. The electromechanical feeder consists of a sliding door powered by a solenoid which provides only one weighed pellet when activated by the fish. Some preliminary results on(More)
Both the space borne radar and the radiometer suite on the TRMM satellite observe the same column of precipitation and derive rain rates, however at different spatial resolutions. The observations from TRMM PR and TMI are fundamentally different measurements. While the radar provides a backscatter measurement resolved in vertical profile, the radiometer is(More)
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