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  • Severin Borenstein, James B Bushnell, Frank A Wolak, Carl Blumstein, Roger Bohn, Peter Cramton +14 others
  • 2003
We present a method for decomposing wholesale electricity payments into production costs, inframarginal competitive rents, and payments resulting from the exercise of market power. Using data from June 1998 to October 2000 in California, we nd signiicant departures from competitive pricing during the high-demand summer months and near-competitive pricing(More)
  • Gautam Gowrisankaran, Aviv Nevo, Robert Town, Allan Collard-Wexler, Greg Crawford, Leemore Dafny +9 others
  • 2012
We estimate a bargaining model of competition between hospitals and managed care organizations (MCOs) and use the estimates to evaluate the effects of hospital mergers. We find that MCO bargaining restrains hospital prices significantly. The model demonstrates the potential impact of coinsurance rates, which allow MCOs to partly steer patients towards(More)
Methanotrophs are ubiquitous bacteria that can use the greenhouse gas methane as a sole carbon and energy source for growth, thus playing major roles in global carbon cycles, and in particular, substantially reducing emissions of biologically generated methane to the atmosphere. Despite their importance, and in contrast to organisms that play roles in other(More)
What are the real security issues for a wireless sensor network (WSN) intended to monitor the structural health of a suspension bridge, a subway tunnel or a water distribution pipe? Could an attack on the sensor network cause the structure to collapse? How easy is it for civil engineers or other domain experts to build a secure WSN using commercially(More)
Many software model checkers only detect counterexamples with deep loops after exploring numerous spurious and increasingly longer counterexamples. We propose a technique that aims at eliminating this weakness by constructing auxiliary paths that represent the effect of a range of loop iterations. Unlike acceleration, which captures the exact effect of(More)
Metagenomics provides access to the uncultured majority of the microbial world. The approaches employed in this field have, however, had limited success in linking functional genes to the taxonomic or phylogenetic origin of the organism they belong to. Here we present an efficient strategy to recover environmental DNA fragments that contain phylogenetic(More)
Proving program termination is typically done by finding a well-founded ranking function for the program states. Existing termination provers typically find ranking functions using either linear algebra or templates. As such they are often restricted to finding linear ranking functions over mathematical integers. This class of functions is insufficient for(More)
Loop under-approximation is a technique that enriches C programs with additional branches that represent the effect of a (limited) range of loop iterations. While this technique can speed up the detection of bugs significantly, it introduces redundant execution traces which may complicate the verification of the program. This holds particularly true for(More)