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OBJECTIVE Depression has been reported to occur frequently after stroke. The aim of the study was to assess the validity of questionnaire measures for screening for depression after stroke. DESIGN Cross-sectional correlational study between questionnaire measures of mood and psychiatric interview. SETTING Hospital and community. PARTICIPANTS Stroke(More)
The day to day rhetoric associated with spam control focuses on measures, technology, rules or fees to impose order or control. These efforts concentrate on the broad range of messages throughout the internet in the hope that by reducing or stopping the flow of 'spam' the problem of spam will be solved. This is analogous to fighting a fire when it is at its(More)
BACKGROUND Social media (SoMe) comprises a number of internet-based applications that have the capability to disseminate multimodal media and allow for unprecedented inter-user connectivity. The role of Twitter has been studied in conferences and education; moreover, there is increasing evidence that patients are more likely to use social media for their(More)
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