Matt Laurence Bowen

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People with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder are relatively high users of inpatient and community services. There is concern, however, that mental health nurses feel negative about working with this group of people, are often socially distancing and feel under-skilled. The purpose of this research was to explore the experiences of good(More)
The majority of persons with severe handicaps have been excluded from most therapeutic recreation programs because they are less skill proficiency and more difficult to involve. In many cases recreation leaders are neither trained nor prepared to work with severely disabled individuals. The described in-service training project was successful in increasing(More)
AIM AND OBJECTIVE To understand better the skills and competencies for forensic and non-forensic nursing of psychopathic and personality disordered patients. BACKGROUND In the UK, there has been growing interest in service provision for this client group, but with little research to support the nursing skills required. DESIGN A non-experimental design,(More)
There is evidence that people with personality disorder are stigmatized within healthcare settings; however, little is known about the role that the media has played in the wider processes of stigmatization. This research examines the degree to which the popular press in the UK have established a link between personality disorder and homicide, and the(More)
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