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Acute effects of chocolate milk and a commercial recovery beverage on postexercise recovery indices and endurance cycling performance.
To maximize training quality, athletes have sought nutritional supplements that optimize recovery. This study compared chocolate milk (CHOC) with a carbohydrate replacement beverage (CRB) as aExpand
The Effect of Extrinsic Factors on Simulated 20-km Time Trial Performance
Peveler, WW and Green, M. The effect of ecterinsic factors on simulated 20-km time trial performance. J Strength Cond Res 24(12): 3265-3269, 2010-During time trials cyclists start individually with aExpand
Effects of timing of pre-exercise nutrient intake on glucose responses and intermittent cycling performance
Objective. To evaluate the effects of two different pre-exercise feeding schedules (15 minutes and 60 minutes prior to exercise) of a mixed-nutrient nutritional bar on blood glucose levels andExpand
The effects of a nutritionally enriched coffee drink on repeated flying 40-yd sprint performance
Methods Physically active male and female volunteers (n = 13) completed 24 × 50 yard sprints following NEC and DC (counterbalanced). Sprints were completed in 2 halves (12 sprints per half) with 2Expand
Effects Of Caffeine On Repeated Upper/lower Body Wingates And Handgrip Performance: 2751 Board #37 May 30, 2
International Journal of Exercise Science 8(3): 243-255, 2015. Caffeine enhances aerobic performance, but research is equivocal regarding anaerobic performance. This study examined effects ofExpand
Natural Training Hydration Status, Sweat Rates, and Perception of Sweat Losses During Crossfit Training
International Journal of Exercise Science 9(5): 576-586, 2016. This study assessed 30 male and 20 female well-trained CrossFit (XF) athletes’ natural hydration statuses, fluid intake, and absoluteExpand