Matt J. O'Callaghan

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BACKGROUND Riparian habitats are subjected to frequent inundation (flooding) and are characterised by food webs that exhibit variability in aquatic/terrestrial subsidies across the ecotone. The strength of this subsidy in active riparian floodplains is thought to underpin local biodiversity. Terrestrial invertebrates dominate the fauna, exhibiting traits(More)
Macroparasites include worms, ticks, mites, bugs and fleas. These parasites are well known to induce morbidity effects including a reduction in the hosts' reproductive output and survival. An important scenario is the introduction of a new macroparasite into an established host population which may be caused by the climate change and by the transport of(More)
We isolated seven polymorphic microsatellite loci from a ground beetle (Bembidion atrocaeruleum, Coleoptera, Carabidae (Stephens, 1826)) associated with naturally and regularly disturbed floodplain habitat in northwest Europe. Loci were tested on 157 individuals collected from five distinct habitat patches across two adjacent drainage basins in Wales,(More)
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