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Predictors of Brief Symptom Inventory scores were identified for an ethnically diverse group of 60 female psychiatric outpatients, with a modal diagnosis of mood disorder. Ethnicity, as well as other variables, were meaningful predictors on the Somatic, Phobia, and Positive Symptom Total scales. Mexican- and African-Americans scored higher than(More)
Collaboration around large data sets involves interactive visualizations. Both large data sets and complex visualiza-tion systems tax the resources of thin clients. Moreover, collaboration requires the transmission of information between widely-separated colleagues. For this reason, distributed vi-sualization systems have focussed on fat client systems(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors assessed reliability and validity of a scale developed for use with inpatients on a mood disorders unit. The scale is used to rate a patient's mood along a quantitative continuum from -5, depressive stupor, through 0, euthymic, to 5, full mania. The scale lists behaviors that constitute criteria for each rating point. Mixed states and(More)
We describe the Ignite Distributed Collaborative Scientific Visualization System (IDCVS), a system which permits real-time interaction and visual collaboration around large data sets, with an initial emphasis on scientific data. The IDCVS offers such a collaborative environment, with real-time interaction on any device between users separated across the(More)
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