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Post-transcriptional modifications are characteristic features of tRNAs and have been shown in a number of cases to influence both their structural and functional properties, including structure stabilization, amino-acylation and codon recognition. We have developed an approach which allows the investigation of the post-transcriptional modification patterns(More)
A growing number of mutated mitochondrial tRNA genes have been found associated with severe human diseases. To investigate the potential interference of such mutations with the primordial function of tRNAs, i.e. their aminoacylation by cognate aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases, a human mitochondrial in vitro aminoacylation system specific for isoleucine has been(More)
In this paper we present preliminary results from a demonstration of the OccuSwitch wireless system deployed at Ft. Irwin, CA. Preliminary post-retrofit Energy Use Intensity (EUI) and Lighting Power Density (LPD) are compared with a pre-retrofit metered baseline (MB), an adjusted metered baseline (AMB) derived to account for changes in lamp distribution,(More)
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