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The efficiency of 2 commercial enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits (Listeria-Tek and Tecra) for detecting Listeria in naturally contaminated foods was evaluated and compared with that of the culture method described in the Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM). Both ELISAs use modified University of Vermont (UVM-1) medium as a primary(More)
This study examines the mental health of 187 patients who had a rhinoplasty fifteen years earlier. Of 101 who had the operation following disease or injury 9 are now severely neurotic and one schizophrenic; of 86 who had the operation for aesthetic reasons 32 are now severely neurotic and 6 schizophrenic. The differences between the two groups are(More)
Dog bites to the face can be life-threatening if major infection occurs, and traditional management consists of wound toilet and debridement, with repair only when the possibility of infection has been eliminated. Surgical opinion is now swinging towards earlier repair. We have analysed retrospectively the outcome of 40 cases that, irrespective of time(More)
PURPOSE Hernia complications after creation of a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) have been reported, although the incidence of this complication is unknown. This study was designed to determine the incidence, morbidity, and outcome of hernia complications in patients with preexisting abdominal or inguinal hernias after TIPS creation. (More)
Body image disturbance may be an early sign of schizophrenia. The significance of this and dysmorphophobia with relation to patients seeking cosmetic rhinoplasty is discussed. Results of a follow-up of patients 10 years after cosmetic surgery to see whether they developed schizophrenia or serious psychological disorder are presented. The literature,(More)
Abdominal abscess that result from bowel injury may require treatment with percutaneous drainage. In some cases, an abscess-associated fistula develops between the injured bowel and the drainage catheter. Fistulas that fail to resolve may require surgery; however, fibrin glue therapy (FGT) may be a suitable alternative. We retrospectively identified(More)
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