Matt Gillard

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OBJECTIVE This study examines the relationship of the degree of community integration to the life satisfaction of persons with traumatic brain injury (TBI). METHOD The responses to two self-administered questionnaires measuring aspects of community integration and life satisfaction were studied for 30 persons with TBI who were 26 to 60 years of age. (More)
This study examined patient/proxy agreement for telephone administration of the Functional Independence Measure (FIM) to a sample of 25 community-living stroke patients 18 mo post-stroke and their caregivers. Patients had all received in-patient rehabilitation for stroke. Because use of the FIM is increasing for follow-up purposes, it is important to(More)
Although a number of researchers have explored the help-seeking pathways of individuals with psychosis, there has been little focus on the experience of illness and services in the under-18 age group. It was our aim to examine by qualitative means the experience of first-episode psychosis and the experience of accessing effective treatment, from two(More)
BACKGROUND Routine use of standardized outcome measures within adult mental health services is compulsory in many countries, but not common in clinical practice. As well as political and professional factors, one reason may be that there is little empirical evidence of benefit for patients. It is therefore important to identify predictors of response.(More)
Proxy agreement for telephone administration of the Craig Handicap Assessment and Reporting Technique (CHART) to community-living individuals 18 months poststroke and their caregivers was assessed and compared to in-person interview of the same sample 1 year earlier. Proxy agreement was adequate for a summary score and for all but one of the dimensions(More)
Oilfield Review Autumn 2009: 21, no. 3. Copyright © 2009 Schlumberger. For help in preparation of this article, thanks to Nellyana Charmelo Silva, Buenos Aires; Mario Galaguza, Rio de Janeiro; Rick Klem and John Lassek, Sugar Land; Shawn Maxwell, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; and Ed Ratchford, Arkansas Geological Survey, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. ECLIPSE,(More)
The present study analysed the influence of higher temperatures on the growth, regeneration and colonisation abilities of apical shoot fragments from three naturalised and one cultivated population of Egeria densa. Our hypotheses were that (1) increased temperatures would favour the growth, regeneration and colonisation of E. densa shoots and (2) fragments(More)