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Emotional intelligence involves the accurate appraisal and expression of emotions in oneself and others and the regulation of emotion in a way that enhances living. One aspect of emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize the consensually agreed upon emotional qualities of objects in the environment. One hundred thirty-nine adults viewed 18(More)
An extensive taxonomic investigation identified strain SK&F-AAJ-271 as a new species, designated Actinomadura parvosata. Fermentations of this organism produce a complex of acidic, lipophilic glycopeptide antibiotics, the parvodicins. Structures for seven of the isolated components were derived from a combination of mass spectral, high-field NMR and(More)
Serial ATA (SATA) is a high-speed serial link replacement for the parallel ATA (PATA) physical storage interface. The serial link employs a high-speed differential link that utilizes Gigabit technology and 8B/10B encoding. The advantages of the SATA interface over the PATA interface include greater speed, simpler upgradeable storage devices, and easier(More)
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