Matt D. Evans

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The product adoption puzzle—the failure of consumers to adopt a product with benefits far greater than its costs—has consistently challenged improved cookstove programs. Some consumers decline to adopt health benefiting and fuel saving new stoves even when the cost of an efficient cookstove can be recovered from just a few months of fuel savings. Likely(More)
Das prostataspezifische Antigen (PSA) ist heutzutage der meistgenutzte Marker in der Diagnostik des Prostatakarzinoms. Hieraus resultiert eine vermehrte Anzahl von asymptomatischen Männern, die allein durch eine PSA-Werterhöhung Kandidaten für eine weiterführende Prostatadiagnostik werden. Ein deutlich erhöhter PSA-Serumwert (>20 ng/ml) lässt mit hoher(More)
Introduction. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of surgeon relocation on lymph node (LN) retrieval in colorectal cancer (CRC) resection. Methods. The study population was 213 consecutive patients undergoing CRC resection by a single surgeon, at two units: unit one 110 operations (2002-2005) and unit two 103 (2005-2009). LN yields and case mix(More)
A patient with chronic lithium toxicity developed a life-threatening ventricular arrhythmia that resolved during removal of lithium by hemodialysis. Chronic lithium toxicity commonly results from diminished elimination and can produce neurotoxicity. Cardiovascular complications have been reported and generally affect the sinoatrial node and produce(More)
BACKGROUND Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography is a challenging procedure performed by surgeons and gastroenterologists. We employed cognitive task analysis to identify steps and decision points for this procedure. METHODS Standardized interviews were conducted with expert gastroenterologists (7) and surgeons (4) from 4 institutions. A(More)
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