Matt Crawford

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We present a draft sequence of the genome of Aedes aegypti, the primary vector for yellow fever and dengue fever, which at approximately 1376 million base pairs is about 5 times the size of the genome of the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae. Nearly 50% of the Ae. aegypti genome consists of transposable elements. These contribute to a factor of approximately(More)
The computing models for HEP experiments are becoming ever more globally distributed and grid-based, both for technical reasons (e.g., to place computational and data resources near each other and the demand) and for strategic reasons (e.g., to leverage technology investments). To support such computing models, the network and end systems (computing and(More)
Information Security Threats and Practices in Small Businesses Shannon Keller b , Anne Powell a , Ben Horstmann c , Chad Predmore d & Matt Crawford e a Principal contact, is an assistant professor in the School of Business at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. She can be reached at b Currently a student at Southern Illinois(More)
In general, the Linux 2.6 scheduler can ensure fairness and provide excellent interactive performance at the same time. However, our experiments and mathematical analysis have shown that the current Linux interactivity mechanism tends to incorrectly categorize non-interactive network applications as interactive, which can lead to serious fairness or(More)
TCP is the most widely used transport protocol on the Internet today. Over the years, especially recently, due to requirements of high bandwidth transmission, various approaches have been proposed to improve TCP performance. The Linux 2.6 kernel is now preemptible. It can be interrupted mid-task, making the system more responsive and interactive. However,(More)

 Intel Ethernet Flow Director is an advanced network interface card (NIC) technology. It provides the benefits of parallel receive processing in multiprocessing environments and can automatically steer incoming network data to the same core on which its application process resides. However, our analysis and experiments show that Flow Director cannot(More)
TCP performs poorly in networks with serious packet reordering. Processing reordered packets in the TCP-layer is costly and inefficient, involving interaction of the sender and receiver. Motivated by the interrupt coalescing mechanism that delivers packets upward for protocol processing in blocks, we propose a new strategy, Sorting Reordered Packets with(More)
and additional functionality in the SRM specification, and the development of multiple interoperating Storage management is one of the most important implementations of SRM for various complex multi­ enabling technologies for large-scale scientific component storage systems. investigations. Having to deal with multiple heterogeneous storage and file systems(More)
Receive side scaling (RSS) is an NIC technology that provides the benefits of parallel receive processing in multiprocessing environments. However, RSS lacks a critical data steering mechanism that would automatically steer incoming network data to the same core on which its application thread resides. This absence causes inefficient cache usage if an(More)
Lambda Station is an ongoing project of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the California Institute of Technology. The goal of this project is to design, develop and deploy network services for path selection, admission control and flow based forwarding of traffic among data- intensive Grid applications such as are used in High Energy Physics and(More)