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The surgical approach to Kienböck's disease is largely dependent on the stage of the disease and the ulnar variance pattern. Many of the surgical treatments are designed to unload the lunate, halt disease progression, and allow for possible revascularization. This article reviews a collection of studies investigating the biomechanical effects of(More)
Two cloned cell lines were isolated from cultures of mouse bone-marrow cells. One of the lines, D1, exhibited osteogenic properties and synthesized type-I collagen (alpha 1)2 alpha 2. The second cell line, D2, was not osteogenic and produced a collagen homotrimer (alpha 1)3. Whereas the extracellular matrix of the D1 cell cultures contained striated(More)
In previous studies, we described a layer of tissue that formed around methylmethacrylate cement that had been implanted into the posterior cervical spine of dogs. We are now reporting on a rat model in which we induced, in the interface between the bone of the posterior elements of the dorsal spine and methylmethacrylate, the formation of a layer of tissue(More)
The phenomenon of chondrocyte hypertrophy is accompanied by the expression of type X collagen and the appearance of matrix mineralization. These events are also associated with changes in the phosphorylation of intracellular proteins. In this study the addition of 10 mM beta-glycerophosphate to hypertrophic chondrocytes resulted in stimulation of type X(More)
The feasibility of a new method for reconstruction of the isolated scapholunate ligament tear with a scapholunate allograft was studied biomechanically using a fresh cadaver upper extremity model. Seven specimens were first tested intact for wrist range of motion, contact characteristics of the radiocarpal articulation, and relative motion of the scaphoid(More)
In this work a new voltage buffer, the drain-follower, achieves 300MHz bandwidth with 2pF load, a dc gain of 0.993V/V, 1mV offset voltage, -60 dB total harmonic distortion at 1.4Vpp output voltage and 6.5mW power dissipation from 5V supply. A unity-gain buffer switched-capacitor biquad filter has been implemented in 0.5μm CMOS technology. The circuit has(More)
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