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Special observation is a nursing practice utilized in in-patient psychiatric facilities for patients who are suicidal. Special observation is carried out by an allocated registered nurse remaining continuously at arms length from, or within sight of (as specified), the patient; or a registered nurse observing the patient within a 30 min interval. In this(More)
In this study, 10 nurses and 10 patients were interviewed to explore factors influencing nurse-patient interactions in an acute psychiatric inpatient facility. The six themes that emerged from the nursing interviews were; environment, something always comes up, nurses' attributes, patient factors, instrumental support and focus of nursing. The four themes(More)
The present study explored residents' perceptions of life in boarding houses within the Central Sydney Area Health Service. A purposeful sample of 14 people with a mental illness participated in semistructured interviews. The transcribed interviews were analysed for lifestyle issues to increase understanding of the factors that impact on quality of life(More)
The management of aggression in inpatient psychiatric facilities is a major concern for nurses. Despite the prevalence of research on aggression within psychiatric settings, very few studies have tracked the clinical management of identified patients in a systematic manner. The overall aim of this study was to explore the clinical management of patients(More)
In recent years, expressions of concern about the safety of women in mixed sex wards have been noted. The purpose of this exploratory study was to give hospitalized women with a diagnosis of mental illness the opportunity to describe their experiences in mixed sex wards. A qualitative study, using focus groups, was conducted. The three major themes that(More)
Nurse-patient interaction in acute psychiatric in-patient facilities has been the subject of much discussion in the literature and remains a contentious issue. How and why nurses interact with patients in the acute care setting requires definition within the current dynamic environment of mental health service provision. Factors which impact on the manner(More)
The practice of special observation (or constant observation) is widely used in inpatient psychiatric facilities for the care of people who are suicidal. In this study, the policy of special observation was examined using a discourse analysis method to discern prevailing ideas and practices highlighted within the policy. After reading, studying and(More)
People with hoarding behaviours acquire a large number of possessions that are often of limited or no monetary value and which they are unable or unwilling to discard. Such behaviours can substantially impair a person's ability to attend to their normal daily activities, cause substantial distress and lead to squalid living conditions. Living in squalor can(More)
We show that economic development increases the probability that a country will undergo a transition to democracy. Ours contradicts Przeworski and his associates’ (1997, 2000) finding, that development causes democracy to last but not to come into existence in the first place. By dealing adequately with problems of sample selection and model specification,(More)