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A procedure is described that directs the self-induced deletion of DNA sequences as they pass through the male germ line of mice. The testes-specific promoter from the angiotensin-converting enzyme gene was used to drive expression of the Cre-recombinase gene. Cre was linked to the selectable marker Neor, and the two genes flanked with loxP elements. This(More)
Diacylglycerol kinases (DGKs) terminate signalling from diacylglycerol by converting it to phosphatidic acid. Diacylglycerol regulates cell growth and differentiation, and its transient accumulation in the nucleus may be particularly important in this regulation. Here we show that a fraction of DGK-zeta is found in the nucleus, where it regulates the amount(More)
Autonomous vehicles and other robotics systems are frequently implemented using a general-purpose programming language such as C++, and prototyped using domain-specific tool such as MATLAB/Simulink, and LabVIEW. Such an approach is not efficient when programming primitive motions of autonomous vehicles when considering important safety constraints, and when(More)
Robotic systems have benefitted from standardized middleware that can componentize the development of new capabilities for a robot. The popularity of these robotic middleware systems has resulted in sizable libraries of components that are now available to roboti- cists. However, many robotic systems (such as autonomous vehicles) must adhere to externally(More)
Eric Robbins is a policy economist in the Banking Studies and Structure Department. Patrick Contreras was in the Consumer Affairs Department at the time he contributed to this article. The authors would like to thank the Garden City, Kansas, bankers who were interviewed and the respondents who took the time to complete surveys. The authors also thank the(More)
Managing complexity while ensuring safely designed behaviors is important for cyber-physical systems as they are continually intro- duced to consumers, such as autonomous vehicles. Safety consid- erations are important as programming interfaces become open to experts and non experts of varying degrees. Autonomous vehicles are an example system where many(More)
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