Matt Belge

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today's global sol&are market place, software developers are increasingly aware of the need for creating products that reach an international audience. At Lotus Development Corporation, where I recently consulted on a large internationalization project, they dedicate considerable effort to creating software for an international audience. In a recent(More)
Many graphics systems today use transparent layers to help users crganize information. However, due to problems in the User Interface desigm these systems often confuse users anddistract them frcnnthe tasktbey are trying toaccOm-plish. Before the advent of desktop computers, people managed similar problems by drawing on sheets of plastic transpmnt paper(More)
design U User interface design is a composite of many dimensions, from mental models, to design details, to marketing and positioning. Every little thing in a design says something to a user or customer about a product and there are many methods to get feedback. During times of rapid change, a lot of pressure on the details of a design come to bear as the(More)
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