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In this abstract we describe software that multiple users can use over the Internet to interactively and simultaneously edit 3D objects. Collaborative 3D editing can be useful for correcting inaccurately scanned vertices, such as with a 3D scanner that can be used to create texture and mesh (Figure 1). This technique can also be used by digital artists and(More)
1 See the demo site at http://www.cs.ualberta.ca/{~anup,~TeleLrn} ABSTRACT Limitations on the bandwidth to a server makes the retrieval of a large-size high-resolution image, even compressed, very time-consuming. To speed up this process we replace the retrieval process from a single server with the retrieval from multiple servers, i.e., simultaneously(More)
Chronic cutaneous wound infections and surgical site infections (SSIs) present a huge burden on the healthcare system and can lead to increased morbidity and mortality. Current diagnostic methods of identifying and confirming infection involve culture-based and molecular methods. Both techniques are time-consuming and delays commonly lead to untargeted(More)
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