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NASA is using model-based languages and risk analysis methodologies to raise software development to the level of hardware development. Ultimately, it hopes to achieve a fusion of systems and software engineering by replacing conventional software development techniques with capability engineering, which focuses on a system's full set of functionalities.
In this paper we show that despite a past claim goals such as ‘try your best to make p true’ in presence of non-deterministic actions can be expressed in the framework of branching time temporal logic. We analyze the A and E operators in CTL∗ and point out why it was thought that the above mentioned goal can not be expressed using CTL∗. We then introduce(More)
This paper presents an original methodology for use of Verilog-AMS and SystemC to model a highly integrated wireless transceiver. Novel structures allow the model to be reconfigurable for extensive early architectural analysis and easy re-mapping to new wireless standards and applications. Matlab plots are used to demonstrate the usefulness of the model(More)
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