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We examined the relationship of nasal disorders, defined as frequent colds and sinus trouble, to lower respiratory tract symptoms in a random population of 718 children aged 4 to 11 years in East Boston, Massachusetts. Frequent colds were significantly associated with maternal smoking (odds ratio (OR) = 3.00; 95% confidence interval (CI) = 1.97, 4.58), and(More)
We present three patients with Treacher Collins or Pierre Robin syndromes who had historical and physical evidence of airway obstruction, difficulty feeding, and sleep disturbances. These preoperative findings correlated with difficult airway management intraoperatively. Based on this experience, we recommend that children with obstructive symptoms have(More)
Density dependence of maximal expiratory air flow (DD) has been used in adults as a test of early obstructive airway disease (OAD). Whether DD is useful as an epidemiologic tool to identify childhood risk factors for OAD is not known. In a population-based sample of 133 children 8 to 23 yr of age, we calculated density dependence at 50 and 25% of vital(More)
PURPOSE To compare the effects of sprint training with or without ball carry on the sprint performance of elite rugby league players. METHODS Twenty-four elite rugby league players were divided into a ball-carry group (BC; n = 12) and a no-ball-carry group (NBC; n = 12). The players of the BC group were required to catch and carry the ball under 1 arm(More)
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