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Agricultural and extension education--or some derivative name--is a field of study leading to the doctoral degree in universities around the world. Is there are body of knowledge or a taxonomy of the knowledge--e.g., a knowledge domain--that one should possess with a doctorate in agricultural and extension education? The purpose of this paper was to(More)
Grid computing is taught at the University of Arkansas, focusing on the development of grid services, the Globus toolkit, and higher-level grid components. An early course, cluster and grid computing, successfully taught Globus materials to advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students. However, the material assumed advanced knowledge of Java(More)
Reduced sagittal plane range of motion (ROM) has been reported in individuals with hip osteoarthritis (OA) both during walking and passive testing. The purpose of this study was to determine if a relationship exists between hip extension ROM recorded during gait and passive hip extension ROM in individuals with moderate and severe hip OA, in comparison to(More)
This is an introduction to the method of Chabauty and Coleman, a p-adic method that attempts to determine the set of rational points on a given curve of genus g ≥ 2. We present the method, give a few examples of its implementation in practice, and discuss its effectiveness. An appendix treats the case in which the curve has bad reduction. 1. Rational points(More)
System administrators are under pressure to do more work and provide better customer service with fewer staff members. At the same time, other challenges emerge: constant interrupts, poor morale, career development needs. At Intel Online Services, we use peer certification to reduce system and network administration burdens while simultaneously improving(More)