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Figure 1. Collection of different liquid scenarios from the animated feature: close character interaction in clear visibility, complex underwater phenomena, and a large-scale whitewater splash. Abstract The Croods' world is under duress and presents the characters with a plethora of grandiose obstacles at every turn. After a torrential downpour, the Croods(More)
This experiment attempts to use NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies (NEAT) create a Multiagent System that coevolves cooperative learning agents with a learning task in the form of three predators hunting the prey. Since the prey is hardcoded in a way that eludes the nearest predator, methods to capture the prey elude supervised learning techniques,(More)
In the CG animated movie <i>Shrek 2</i>, the costume design for Fairy Godmother required us to develop a procedural technique to create ruffled petticoats that are visible at the bottom of her garment. Instead of spending weeks simulating layers and layers of petticoats, we decided to create the geometry procedurally as a post process. With this in mind we(More)
Once again, we had the opportunity to launch fireballs in the CG animated feature film <i>Shrek 2</i>. After a day of nursing cloth simulations, there is nothing more gratifying than launching huge flames of fiery goo into the air. The art direction for these fireballs added to the enjoyment.The goal was to develop a fireball effect that:&#8226; Integrates(More)
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