Matt Araneta

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OBJECTIVE To investigate and report cases of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission through donor artificial insemination (AI) before 1986 at five infertility clinics. DESIGN Two types of look-back studies were performed: (1) identification of an HIV-infected woman who reported previous AI, followed by identification of the infected donor(s) and(More)
OBJECTIVE This serologic survey was performed to determine rates of HIV-1 infection among New York City (NYC) women seeking abortions. DESIGN Anonymous unlinked blood samples were collected and analyzed for the presence of HIV-1 antibodies. Abortion clinics were chosen for the representativeness of their patient population to all women obtaining abortions(More)
In February 1992, an outbreak of cholera occurred among persons who had flown on a commercial airline flight from South America to Los Angeles. This study was conducted to determine the magnitude and the cause of the outbreak. Passengers were interviewed and laboratory specimens were collected to determine the magnitude of the outbreak. A case-control study(More)
Goal Contingency Management is a form of reinforcement in which patients are rewarded for following their given health programs. Because this is a Virtual Contingency Management System, the users are given virtual rewards, such as upgrades in the created game. The process is as follows:  Find a way for healthcare experts to monitor the health problems of(More)
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