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Herbicide and Fire Effects on Smooth Brome (Bromus inermis) and Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis) in Invaded Prairie Remnants
Abstract Smooth brome and Kentucky bluegrass are introduced cool-season perennial grasses known to invade grasslands throughout North America. During the fall of 2005 and spring of 2006, weExpand
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Restoring Native Plant Communities in Smooth Brome (Bromus inermis)–Dominated Grasslands
Abstract Smooth brome (Bromus inermis) is an introduced, cool-season perennial, sod-forming grass that has been shown to invade both native cool-and warm-season grasslands throughout North America.Expand
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Native Grass and Forb Response to Pre-Emergent Application of Imazapic and Imazapyr
ABSTRACT: Grassland restoration attempts to rehabilitate and/or re-create biologically diverse native plant communities using a variety of management techniques including seeding, burning, grazing,Expand
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Evaluation of Herbicides for Control of Reed Canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea)
ABSTRACT Reed canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea L.) is an invasive species that forms dense, monotypic stands in wetlands, moist meadows, and riparian areas. We implemented a reed canarygrassExpand
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The Impact of 3 exotic, invasive grasses in the Southeastern United States on wildlife
Little is known about the impacts and effects of exotic, invasive grasses on wildlife in the Southeast United States. We selected 3 species of exotic grasses common to the Southeast and review theExpand
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Population extinctions driven by climate change, population size, and time since observation may make rare species databases inaccurate
Loss of biological diversity through population extinctions is a global phenomenon that threatens many ecosystems. Managers often rely on databases of rare species locations to plan land use actionsExpand
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Seed dormancy and germination vary within and among species of milkweeds
Declines in pollinator populations and monarch butterflies require restoration of habitats with the plants and floral resources that support them. Monarch butterflies in particular lay their eggsExpand
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Native Grass Establishment using Journey® Herbicide
ABSTRACT: We initiated a study to determine the necessary rates of Journey® herbicide applied pre-emergence to reduce competition and allow establishment of native grasses. Native grasses areExpand
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Development of Techniques to Improve Coastal Prairie Restoration on the Clatsop Plains, Oregon
ABSTRACT: With the substantial losses of native prairie habitat over the last century, research focusing on the restoration of prairies has become imperative in order to conserve these imperiledExpand
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