Mats Svensson

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The mouthparts of anuran tadpoles are highly derived compared to those of caecilians or salamanders. The suprarostral cartilages support the tadpole's upper beak; the infrarostral cartilages support the lower beak. Both supra- and infrarostral cartilages are absent in other vertebrates. These differences reflect the evolutionary origin of a derived feeding(More)
Myeloperoxidase (MPO) is a prime candidate for promoting oxidative stress during inflammation. This abundant enzyme of neutrophils uses hydrogen peroxide to oxidize chloride to highly reactive and toxic chlorine bleach. We have identified 2-thioxanthines as potent mechanism-based inactivators of MPO. Mass spectrometry and x-ray crystal structures revealed(More)
Pheromone communication systems have a reliable signal with a restricted window of amounts and ratios released and perceived. We propose a model based on a Gaussian response profile that allows a quantification of the response peak (location of optimum) and a measure of the peak width (response window). Interpreting the Gaussian curve, fitted by nonlinear(More)
To explore the acute effects of inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) on oxygenation, respiratory rate, and CO2 levels in spontaneously breathing preterm infants treated with nasal continuous positive airway pressure (nCPAP) for moderate respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). Randomized, prospective, double-blind, cross-over study in the neonatal intensive care units of(More)
To determine the workplace concentrations of NO and NO2 in and around a paediatric incubator during inhaled NO (iNO) treatment and during an accidental emptying of NO cylinders into room air. We simulated iNO–nasal CPAP treatment in order to assess the impact on the occupational environment. Furthermore, two full NO cylinders for therapy, 1,000 ppm, 20(More)
Three nepetalactones were isolated from Nepeta racemosa (mussinii) by traditional methods. An improved method was developed to isolate nepetalactones from N. faassénii. An epimerization procedure was used to prepare the fourth 7S-nepetalactone diastereomer. The cis-fused nepetalactols were prepared by reduction of the corresponding nepetalactones, while the(More)
Homocracy, a term referring to shared regulatory gene expression patterns between organs in different animals, was introduced recently in order to prevent inappropriate inference of organ homology based on gene expression data. Non-homologous structures expressing homologous genes, and homologous structures expressing non-homologous genes illustrate that(More)
A resistivity and time-domain induced polarization (IP) survey was conducted at a landfill site under restoration at Härlöv in Southern Sweden. The covering of the landfill had begun some years ago, without keeping precise records of the work done, as is usual in such procedures. The survey was conducted in two steps, on two adjacent areas. First, a number(More)
A novel indolizine class of compounds was identified as TRPV1 antagonist from an HTS campaign. However, this indolizine class proved to be unstable and reacted readily with glutathione when exposed to light and oxygen. Reactivity was reduced by the introduction of a nitrogen atom alpha to the indolizine nitrogen. The pyrrolopyridazine core obtained proved(More)