Mats Silvander

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The permeability effects induced by single-chained and double-chained poly(ethylene glycol)-surfactants were investigated by measuring the leakage of the fluorescent dye 5(6)-carboxy fluorescein from EPC liposomes. The standard incorporated amount of the surfactants was 5 mol%. Depending on the size of the poly(ethylene glycol) chain and especially on the(More)
The rheological properties of the parenteral oil-in-water emulsion Intralipid were investigated. The viscosity data at different phase volumes correlated well with that obtained via a theoretical model developed by Yaron and Gal-Or. The model also describes the temperature dependence well. The effects of electrolyte addition were also investigated.(More)
A new water-based topical formulation is presented that aims at providing good penetration properties for both lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs with as small a disturbance of the skin barrier function as possible. The formulation contains dispersed lipids in a ratio resembling that of human skin. The capacity to deliver is addressed in this first study(More)
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