Mats Lindstam

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Accumulating evidence suggests that metallothionein (MT)-I and -II promote neuronal survival and regeneration in vivo. The present study investigated the molecular mechanisms underlying the differentiation and survival-promoting effects of MT and a peptide modeled after MT, EmtinB. Both MT and EmtinB directly stimulated neurite outgrowth and promoted(More)
A novel method has been developed for acquiring the correct alignment of a query sequence against remotely homologous proteins by extracting structural information from profiles of multiple structure alignment. A systematic search algorithm combined with a group of score functions based on sequence information and structural information has been introduced(More)
Ferrochelatase (EC, the terminal enzyme in the heme biosynthetic pathway, catalyzes the insertion of Fe2+ into protoporphyrin IX, generating heme. In vitro assays have shown that all characterized ferrochelatases can also incorporate Zn2+ into protoporphyrin IX. Previously Zn2+ has been observed at an inner metal binding site close to the(More)
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