Mats Larson

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One well-known approach to a posteriori analysis of finite element solutions of elliptic problems estimates the error in a quantity of interest in terms of residuals and a generalized Green’s function. The generalized Green’s function solves the adjoint problem with data related to a quantity of interest and measures the effects of stability, including any(More)
New drugs and new discoveries--such as those concerning the use of individual genetic profiles to help customize dosages--have refined drug treatment. Drug companies' marketing efforts as well as patients' views and wishes influence physicians in their choice of treatment. Drug-drug interactions continue to be a common cause of admissions to hospitals.(More)
Prescribers today encounter increasing demands for up-to-date knowledge of medical advances and drug therapies, and for a straightforward dialogue with patients. Cost-effective drug treatment calls for fast and intuitive access to information about drugs, treatment strategies and patient data. There are several computer-based drug-prescribing systems in(More)
Sjunet is the Swedish Health Care Network comprising an infrastructure for communication between hospitals, primary care centres and home care. It is also hosting a wide range of services from national authorities and health care service providers and vendors of health care systems. Sjunet allows secure transmission of health care data and applications on(More)
This paper presents a new technique for automatic, interactive 3D subdomaining coupled to mesh and simulation refinements in order to enhance local resolutions of CAE domains. Numerical simulations have become crucial during the product development process (PDP) for predicting different properties of new products as well as the simulation of various kinds(More)
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