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UNLABELLED In today's intensive care and surgery, a great number of cables are attached to patients. These cables can make the care and nursing of the patient difficult. Replacing them with wireless communications technology would facilitate patient care. Bluetooth is a modern radio technology developed specifically to replace cables between different(More)
The statistics of steps and dwell times in reversible molecular motors differ from those of cycle completion in enzyme kinetics. The reason is that a step is only one of several transitions in the mechanochemical cycle. As a result, theoretical results for cycle completion in enzyme kinetics do not apply to stepping data. To allow correct parameter(More)
BACKGROUND Surgery, commonly performed after an overnight fast, causes a postoperative decline in the anabolic and glucose lowering insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). Clinical fasting studies have exhibited a positive correlation between IGF-1 and nitrogen balance during different conditions. A perioperative amino acid infusion changes nitrogen balance(More)
The motility of certain gram-negative bacteria is mediated by retraction of type IV pili surface filaments, which are essential for infectivity. The retraction is powered by a strong molecular motor protein, PilT, producing very high forces that can exceed 150 pN. The molecular details of the motor mechanism are still largely unknown, while other features(More)
We have studied the nonlinear current-voltage characteristic of a two dimensional lattice Coulomb gas by Monte Carlo simulation. We present three different determinations of the power-law exponent a(T) of the nonlinear current-voltage characteristic, V ∼ I a(T)+1. The determinations rely on both equilibrium and non-equilibrium simulations. We find good(More)
We have performed Monte Carlo simulations to determine current{voltage characteristics of two vortex glass models in two dimensions. Our results connrm earlier studies which concluded that there is a zero temperature transition. Additionally we nd that, as the temperature approaches zero, the linear resistance vanishes exponentially, and the current scale,(More)
Theoretical aspects of multicomponent superconductivity and systems with competing interactions are studied using Monte Carlo techniques. Motivated by recent experimental and theoretical results of complex structure formation of vortices in multicomponent systems, possible vortex structure formations due to vortex interactions that are not purely attractive(More)
The type IV pili (Tfp) of pathogenic Neisseria (i.e., N. gonorrhoeae and N. meningitidis) are essential for twitching motility. Tfp retraction, which is dependent on the ATPase PilT, generates the forces that move bacteria over surfaces. Neisseria motility has mainly been studied in N. gonorrhoeae whereas the motility of N. meningitidis has not yet been(More)
Specific heat measurements show that the introduction of amorphous columnar defects considerably affects the transition from the normal to the superconducting state in zero magnetic field. Experimental results are compared to numerical simulations of the three-dimensional XY model for both the pure system and the system containing random columnar disorder.(More)