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Many sub-suppliers are interested in closer integration with main suppliers for product development. However, main suppliers have much work that needs to be coordinated, and close integration with suppliers is used only when it is required, and when additional value is created through integration. The main objective of this paper, is therefore, to discuss(More)
The purpose of this paper is to investigate how discrete event simulation can support the growing need of information in the production system. Agility, one key to future competition, is the ability to quickly manage and compensate for disturbances and uncertainty. It is achieved by combining flexible production technologies with a flexible and motivated(More)
Productivity is a key weapon for manufacturing companies to stay competitive in a continuous growing global market. Increased productivity can be achieved through increased availability. This has directed focus on different maintenance types and maintenance strategies. Increased availability through efficient maintenance can be achieved through less(More)
Manufacturing Industry as an important part of European and Swedish economy faces new challenges with the daily growing global competition. An enabler of overcoming these challenges is a rapid transforming to a valuebased focus. Investment in innovation tools for production system development is a crucial part of that focus which helps the companies to(More)
This paper outlines the historical development of data management systems in order to identify the key issues for successful systems. It identifies the need for data independence and the embedding of structural and behavioural semantics in the database as key issues in the development of modern systems. Hierarchical, Network, Relational, Object-oriented and(More)
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Summary form only given. A number of stakeholders have an interest in the features on any learning environment. Amongst these stakeholders, are the institutional managers, the teaching staff and the students. Institutional managers are primarily concerned with the economic use of the institution's resources. Teaching staff are concerned with the effective(More)
The purpose of the research presented in this paper has been to characterize flexibility in lean mixed model assembly lines through exploring mechanisms used to achieve flexibility. The study combines a literature review and a multiple case study in two manufacturing companies. Scenarios of volume, mix and operation flexibility, as well as flexibility to(More)
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