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The Cloverleaf quasar, H1413+117, has been photometrically monitored at ESO (La Silla, Chile) and with the NOT (La Palma, Spain) during the period 1987– 1994. All good quality CCD frames have been successfully analysed using two independent methods (i.e. an automatic image decomposition technique and an interactive CLEAN algorithm). The photometric results(More)
A method for the quantification of phenylalanine in whole blood and plasma by isotope dilution gas chromatography-mass spectrometry is presented. The use of an uncommon derivative allows a simple extraction procedure and the most basic mass spectrometer. The relative standard deviation was found to be 1.3% within-batch and 2.1% between-batch under optimum(More)
A method for characterizing the secretion of acute phase proteins in vivo from serial plasma concentration measurements is presented. By using a simple two-compartment model it was found that descriptive parameters could be derived from the time course of the increased plasma concentration of the protein. It was assumed that the secretion of an acute phase(More)
Silicon Carbide is a very interesting semiconductor material for high temperature, high frequency, and high power applications. The main reasons are its high saturation velocity, large thermal conductivity, high Schottky barriers, and high breakdown voltages. High quality 4H-SiC and 6H-SiC polytype substrates and epitaxial layers are commercially available(More)
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