Mats Hansson

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Aliphatic compounds on plant surfaces, called epicuticular waxes, are the first line of defense against pathogens and pests, contribute to reducing water loss and determine other important phenotypes. Aliphatics can form crystals affecting light refraction, resulting in a color change and allowing identification of mutants in their synthesis or transport.(More)
This paper deals with estimation of the waveform of a single event-related potential, sERP. An additive noise model is used for the measured signal and the SNR of the disturbed sERP is approximately 0 dB. The sERP is described by a series expansion where the basis functions are damped sinusoids. The fundamental basis function is estimated by the least(More)
The barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) mutants fch2 and clo-f2 comprise an allelic group of 14 Chl b-deficient lines. The genetic map position of fch2 corresponds to the physical map position of the gene encoding chlorophyllide a oxygenase. This enzyme converts chlorophyllide a to chlorophyllide b and it is essential for Chl b biosynthesis. The fch2 and clo-f2(More)
In this paper we present a feature descriptor, based on a Markov random field (MRF) texture model, for radio-frequency (RF) ultrasound data. The proposed approach combines global data statistics in terms of a maximum-likelihood-estimated (MLE) distribution with local pattern characteristics employing MRF interaction parameters. This combining approach(More)
Mg-chelatase catalyzes the insertion of Mg2+ into protoporphyrin IX at the first committed step of the chlorophyll biosynthetic pathway. It consists of three subunits: I, D, and H. The I subunit belongs to the AAA protein superfamily (ATPases associated with various cellular activities) that is known to form hexameric ring structures in an ATP-dependant(More)
Nowadays ultrasound (US) examinations are typically performed with conventional machines providing two dimensional imagery. However, there exist a multitude of applications where doctors could benefit from three dimensional ultrasound providing better judgment, due to the extended spatial view. 3D freehand US allows acquisition of images by means of a(More)
This paper describes a method to measure changes in the mid-latency auditory evoked potential (MLAEP) during anesthesia. It is claimed that the position of the Nb-trough of the MLAEP indicates the level of consciousness. The component shows graded changes corresponding to the dose of anesthetic and it exhibits stable reproducible properties between(More)
Heterotrimeric G proteins are intracellular membrane-attached signal transducers involved in various cellular processes in both plants and animals. They consist of three subunits denoted as α, β and γ. The γ-subunits of the so-called AGG3 type, which comprise a transmembrane domain, are exclusively found in plants. In model species, these proteins have been(More)
OBJECTIVES The family members of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are at increased risk of developing RA and are potential candidates for predictive testing. This study explored the perceptions of first-degree relatives of people with RA about being at risk of RA and engaging in predictive testing. METHODS 34 first-degree relatives (siblings and(More)