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Discrimination in the rental housing market: A field experiment on the Internet
This paper presents a field experiment on discrimination in the housing market, using the Internet as a research platform. The procedure involved our creating three fictitious persons withExpand
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Are gay men and lesbians discriminated against in the hiring process
This article presents the first field experiment on sexual orientation discrimination in the hiring process in the Swedish labor market. Job applications were sent to about 4000 employers in 10Expand
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Immigrant self-employment in Sweden - its variation and some possible determinants
This paper examines self-employment among immigrants in Sweden. There are differences in the self-employment rate between immigrants and the native population and between different immigrant groups,Expand
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Can Discrimination in the Housing Market Be Reduced by Increasing the Information about the Applicants?
We investigate how increasing the information about applicants affects discrimination in the rental housing market. We let four fictitious applicants, two with typical Arab/Muslim names and two withExpand
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Self-Employment Among Immigrants in Sweden – An Analysis of Intragroup Differences
This paper examines intragroup differences in self-employment within different immigrant groups and the native population in Sweden with the help of 1990 Census data. Intragroup differences areExpand
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The predicted earnings differential and immigrant self-employment in Sweden
This paper investigates the influence of the predicted earnings differential between self-employment and wage-employment on self-employment propensities among immigrants in Sweden. Immigrants fromExpand
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Detecting Discrimination Against Homosexuals: Evidence from a Field Experiment on the Internet
This paper presents the first field experiment studying discrimination against homosexuals on the housing market. The study is conducted on the rental housing market in Sweden using the internet as aExpand
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Effect of Registered Partnership on Labor Earnings and Fertility for Same-Sex Couples: Evidence From Swedish Register Data
The expansion of legal rights to same-sex couples is afoot in a number of Western countries. The effects of this rollout are not only important in their own right but can also provide a window on theExpand
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Intergenerational transmissions in immigrant self-employment: Evidence from three generations
This paper presents the first study of intergenerational transmissions in immigrant self-employment across three generations. Based on a Swedish data set, the results show that having a self-employedExpand
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Are lesbians discriminated against in the rental housing market? Evidence from a correspondence testing experiment
This paper presents a field experiment, conducted over the Internet, studying possible discrimination against lesbians in the rental housing market in Sweden. We let two fictitious couples, oneExpand
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