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Fiber to the end-user (FTTx) has long been considered to be too expensive to be deployed to cover all end users especially those living in the far rural areas. The conclusion after working with some municipalities in Jamtland is now that FTTx is both technically and economically feasible. The architecture tested is an IP-Only broadband network capable of(More)
In Sweden we have a long tradition of research collaboration using open testbeds. With that as background this paper discusses what factors make that type of collaboration successful, respectively what makes it fail (i.e. what are the ingredients to prepare successful testbed collaboration). Particularly in early life-cycle phases, looking for new and(More)
The publishers will keep this document online on the Internet-or its possible replacement-for a period of 25 years from the date of publication barring exceptional circumstances. The online availability of the document implies a permanent permission for anyone to read, to download, to print out single copies for your own use and to use it unchanged for any(More)
A Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta (&#x03A3;&#x0394;) Modulator for Bluetooth with 52MHz sampling frequency in a 1.2V 65nm CMOS process is presented. The modulator has a proposed single-stage 3<sup>rd</sup>-order 4-bit architecture, which employs a dual-loop feedback method to compensate the loop delay up to one clock period. A 4-bit flash ADC and a 4-bit(More)
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