Mats Eriksson

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Adipose tissue mass is determined by the storage and removal of triglycerides in adipocytes. Little is known, however, about adipose lipid turnover in humans in health and pathology. To study this in vivo, here we determined lipid age by measuring (14)C derived from above ground nuclear bomb tests in adipocyte lipids. We report that during the average(More)
AIM To assess the ability of galvanic skin response (GSR) to differentiate between tactile and painful stimulation in newborn infants, and to compare this with the ability of the premature infant pain profile (PIPP). METHODS Thirty-two healthy full-term infants undergoing routine blood sampling were recruited. In a randomized order they were subjected to(More)
Acute encephalitis is a relatively uncommon but potentially harmful CNS inflammation usually caused by infection. The diagnosis is difficult to establish and the etiology often remains unclear. Furthermore, the long-term prognosis of acute encephalitis in children is poorly described. In this study, we characterize childhood encephalitis from a Swedish(More)
— Today, new ways of constructing and delivering complex wireless and mobile services require more elaborate and distributed prototyping, testing, and validation facilities. Testbeds are becoming an important tool for integrating technology components into the complex environment of the wireless world and end-users in their daily life. However technology in(More)
Timber volume is an important parameter in forestry and with the position of each individual tree together with its size this parameter can be estimated with higher accuracy than from estimations made at stand level. In this paper, three existing methods for individual tree crown extraction are compared for different types of forests. The types of forests(More)
1 Alien species within the European Union / 7 1.1 The threat of invasive alien species to habitats and species / 9 1.2 The socioeconomic impact of invasive alien species / 14 1.3 How to reduce the impact: managing invasive alien species / 15 Second only to habitats deterioration, invasive alien species are one of the major threats to biodiversity. Facing(More)
Aim To describe parental experiences of providing skin-to-skin care (SSC) to their newborn infants. Background SSC care for newborn infants has been reported to have positive physiological and psychological benefits to the infants and their parents. No systematic review regarding parental experiences has been identified. Design In this first part of a(More)
Aim To synthesize and interpret qualitative research findings focusing on parental experiences of skin-to-skin care (SSC) for newborn infants. Background SSC induces many benefits for newborn infants and their parents. Three meta-analyses have been conducted on physiological outcomes, but no previous qualitative meta-synthesis on parental experiences of SSC(More)
OBJECTIVES ACAT2 is the exclusive cholesterol-esterifying enzyme in hepatocytes and enterocytes. Hepatic ABCA1 transfers unesterified cholesterol (UC) to apoAI, thus generating HDL. By changing the hepatic UC pool available for ABCA1, ACAT2 may affect HDL metabolism. The aim of this study was to reveal whether hepatic ACAT2 influences HDL metabolism. (More)
Europe (and the rest of the western world) faces many challenges in the future: integration of the new member states, continued competition in important business sectors, solving the healthcare issues of an ageing population, to name but a few. Probably the most important challenge is increasing the overall productivity and job creation in the society in(More)