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SURE (sugar responsive) is a cis element in plant sugar signaling. The SURE element was reported first for potato, in which it confers sugar responsiveness to the patatin promoter. A SURE binding transcription factor has not been isolated. We have isolated a transcription factor cDNA from barley and purified the corresponding protein. The transcription(More)
Caspases are essential in animal programmed cell death both as initiator and executioner proteases. Plants do not have close caspase homologues, but several instances of caspase-like proteolytic activity have been demonstrated in connection with programmed cell death in plants. It was asked if caspase-like proteases are involved during development of the(More)
MOTIVATION Imaging mass spectrometry (IMS) is a maturating technique of molecular imaging. Confidence in the reproducible quality of IMS data is essential for its integration into routine use. However, the predominant method for assessing quality is visual examination, a time consuming, unstandardized and non-scalable approach. So far, the problem of(More)
Analysis of multiple analytes from biological samples can be challenging as different analytes require different preservation measures. Heat induced enzymatic inactivation is an efficient way to preserve proteins and their modifications in biological samples but RNA quality, as measured by RIN value, has been a concern in such samples. Here, we investigate(More)
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