Matrisa Frangou-Plemmenou

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Prostate, breast, and probably other epithelial tumors harbor inactivating mutations in the p53 tumor suppressor gene in the stromal cells, implying the nonautonomous action of p53 in carcinogenesis. We have tested this hypothesis by evaluating the tumorigenicity of MCF7 human breast cancer cells in severe combined immunodeficient mice that differ in their(More)
The stroma often fibroepithelial and ten adenomatous cervical polyps, 12 fibro-epithelial vaginal polyps, 20 non neoplastic cervices, 15 cone specimens with CIN changes and five specimens with infiltrative squamous cell carcinoma was investigated. Vimentin, desmin, actin, collagen III, CD34, ER and PgR were studied using the Ventana Automatic Immunostaining(More)
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