Matous Pokorny

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Remote patient monitoring is gradually attracting more attention as the population in developed countries ages, and as chronic diseases appear more frequently in the population. Miniaturization in electronics and mobile technologies has led to rapid development of various wearable systems for remote monitoring of vital signs, supervision systems in home(More)
This paper presents a modular development telemonitoring system. The system consists of wireless communication and biosignal acquisition modules. These modules are connected to a control unit via an extension board. The control unit is based on STM32 EVO Primer development kit. An integrated accelerometer is used for monitoring of subject's activity. The(More)
In this paper is described software implementation of the Bluetooth wireless communication using finite state machine. This implementation is a part of project which is focused on long term vital sign monitoring. Bluetooth technology is highly usable in assistive technology and Ambient and assisted living. Bluetooth is used for wireless transfer of measured(More)
The paper deals with a study of relationship between hemo-dynamic parameters and other various vital signs based on the modelling of hemodynamic parameters. The design of an adaptive mechanical model of cardiovascular system is presented in the paper. The connection between the modelling of cardiovascular system and smart homes and ambient assisted living(More)