Matotopa Augustine

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In a study of 100 institutionalised patients with psychosis and an equal number of age- and sex-matched healthy controls from the same regional background, the prevalence of Australia antigen (HBsAg) was 11 and 2, respectively. Institutionalised psychotic patients are a high-risk group for hepatitis B virus infection.
Use of automatically reinforced stereotypy as reinforcement has been shown to be successful for increasing socially desirable behaviors in persons with intellectual disabilities (Charlop, Kurtz, & Casey, 1990; Hanley, Iwata, Thompson, & Lindberg, 2000; Hung, 1978). A component analysis of this treatment was conducted with 3 adolescents who had been(More)
In a study of sixty institutionalist Schizophrenic patients, sixty chronic schizophrenic outpatients and an equal number of age and sex matched normal controls from the same regional background, the prevalence of HBsAG was six, one and zero respectively. Institutionalized schizophrenic patients are a high risk group for hepatitis B virus infection.
A two year prospective study of 221 consecutive inpatients undergoing cataractomy revealed the incidence of post-cataractomy delirium to be 1.8%. While in one case the delirium was due to anticholinergic toxicity, in the remaining three cases no organic cause was evident. Sensory deprivation was present in two patients. Preventive measures for the condition(More)
A prospective two year study of consecutive admissions (n=984) to a psychiatry ward revealed that the incidence of temporary urinary incontinence in psychiatric patients without delirium or dementia was 1.63% (n=l6). When compared with controls (n=64) the incontinent patients were more often psychotic, gave a history of childhood enuresis and a past history(More)
In 34 patients of endogenous depression and 30 normal controls, the dexamethasone suppression test (DST) had a sensitivity of 67.6%, a specificity of 93.3% and a positive predictive power of 92%, which compares favourably with other diagnostic tests in clinical medicine. DST non-suppressors were significantly more depressed as compared to DST suppressors,(More)
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