Matjaz Veselko

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Local topical cooling with gel-packs or cryo-cuffs is often used after surgery or after knee injuries. Mostly beneficial, but some deleterious effects have been reported in literature. The spatial distribution of heat/cold through different tissues of the knee in time may be responsible for different effects of cooling on the traumatized or inflamed tissue(More)
Fractures of the tibial plateau occur in 3.4% of skiing-related fractures and this number is significantly increasing. Despite experimental results, which suggest that significant forces ( over 30 kN) are needed for a compression fracture of the tibial plateau, the fracture often occurs during an accident with no serious fall or collision. We show that a(More)
UNLABELLED The purpose of the study was to use a computer simulation of various surgical techniques for reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) to study graft biomechanics. To ensure the normal function of the cruciate ligament and, consequently, normal kinematics of the knee joint, the complex structure of the normal ACL must be built into(More)
The paper describes and analyses a method for locating metal implants based on the interaction of a conductive object with a weak alternating magnetic field. Theoretical values for the boundary of detectability and the boundary of localability are introduced to show some technical characteristics, the diagnostic feasibility and limitations of the method.(More)
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