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This brief review addresses the existing systems and challenges and provides future recommendations on computerand biosensor-assisted rehabilitation systems for physically disabled patients. We further list the types of sensors, technical issues, and different software and hardware technologies that are currently used in rehabilitation systems to make the(More)
An Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) scheme is expected as an efficient technique for next generation wireless communications. However, high Peak to Average Power Ration (PAPR) of OFDM system is the main drawback which degrades the transmitter power efficiency causes poor performance of the system. To reduce PAPR of OFDM signal, several(More)
The field of computer and robot-assisted rehabilitation system is rooted in the principle that software must be largely errorless, userfriendly, robust, accurate with respect to data, respond in a timely manner, and yet inexpensive, which lead to enhanced patient outcomes. In this digitized age, computerized and robotic rehabilitation systems act as a vital(More)
Cricket bowling generates forces with torques on the upper limb muscles and makes the biceps brachii (BB) muscle vulnerable to overuse injury. The aim of this study was to investigate whether there are differences in the amplitude of the EMG signal of the BB muscle during fast and spin delivery, during the seven phases of both types of bowling and the(More)
This paper illustrated a systematic review of some newly developed automated rehabilitation systems, several techniques and biosensors used for these mechanisms, and their function in physically disabled patients. We further point up the application of different software and hardware technologies in the rehabilitation systems to do the whole process real(More)
Although the effect of an Electromyographic (EMG) signal on the Biceps Brachii (BB) muscle is at the forefront of human movement analysis, there is limited information regarding the importance of the differences in the age-related EMG responses during contraction. The present study aimed to compare the BB muscle activity of three different groups of young(More)
Well-organized vehicle parking can assist drivers gratifying by protecting car energy as well as time consuming. In this paper, the automation process of an automatic car parking system is designed using a fully functional ladder logic based LOGO!12/24 RC, which is a small programmable logic controller (PLC). Infrared sensor (IR) electronic sensors were(More)
Surface electromyography (SEMG) has been widely used to analyze the biceps brachii (BB) muscle during voluntary contraction, and the effect of the interelectrode distance has been studied. However, the effect of anthropometric variations and the placement of electrodes on the BB activity during arm wrestling (i.e., during isometric contraction at a(More)
The aim of this study was to analyze the electromyographic (EMG) activity of biceps brachii (BB) muscle under the same muscle contraction in three different locations. For this reason, arm wrestling contest was conducted to record the EMG signal from ten male subjects. Electrodes were placed on the three locations of upper arm BB; i.e. middle (belly) of BB(More)
In transmission media the Photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) are highly suitable for wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) systems. This paper exhibit a Hexagonal Photonic Crystal Fiber (H-PCF) that mention simultaneously high birefringence, large nonlinearity and high negative dispersion. The proposed H-PCFs shows a large negative dispersion coefficient of(More)
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