Matilde Merino Sanjuán

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The objective of this paper was to characterize the disposition phase of AM in rats, after different high doses and modalities of i.v. administration. Three fitting programs, WINNONLIN, ADAPT II and NONMEM were employed. The two-stage fitting methods led to different results, none of which can adequately explain amiodarone's behaviour, although a great(More)
Studies were performed using three cefuroxime axetil solutions (11.8, 118 and 200 microM) in three selected intestinal segments and one cefuroxime axetil solution (118 microM) in colon of anaesthetized rats. First-order absorption rate pseudoconstants, k(ap) and effective permeability coefficients, P(eff), were calculated in each set. Absorption of(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the relationship between doses of gemcitabine-carboplatin (GEM-CARBO) administered and incidence and level of haematological and renal toxicity, and the adherence to the treatment in patients with non-small cell lung cancer. METHODS Retrospective study which lasted for 37 months. We were able to obtain the minimum set of data needed(More)
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