Matilde M Audisio

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In recent years, the role of vitamin C in lipid metabolism has been the object of a number of investigations. We have therefore judged it useful to review cholesterol synthesis, cholesterol transport, and cholesterol catabolism as well as the role of the microsomal electron transport chain in the hydroxylation process, before presenting our experimental(More)
Vitamins play an essential role in lipid metabolism reactions and their presence is therefore absolutely necessary for these reaction to occur. The effect of pantothenic acid, niacin and riboflavin is here described. By transformation into coenzymes these vitamins are involved in fatty acid synthesis and oxidation reactions. Other vitamins, like vitamin(More)
AIMS To frame the attitude and perception of breast surgeons in the UK toward the increasing number of older breast cancer patients. METHODS A 15-item questionnaire was designed to inquire on the definition of elderly, clinical management, age-related differences in surgical treatment, interaction with geriatricians, operative risk assessment, and(More)