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Endogenous abscisic acid levels and induced heat shock proteins were measured in tissue exposed for 6 hours to temperatures that reduced their subsequent chilling sensitivity. One-centimeter discs excised from fully expanded cotyledons of 11-day-old seedlings of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L., cv Poinsett 76) were exposed to 12.5 or 37 degrees C for 6 hours(More)
Market requirements and implementation of the first broadband tuner on a chip are described. This IC is built in a 0.8-/spl mu/m BICMOS process and includes the entire signal path as well as integrated PLLs. The architecture and design are discussed at the block and transistor levels. Measured results are shown.
This paper evaluates the efficiency of water and sewerage companies (WaSCs) by introducing the lack of service quality as undesirable outputs. It also investigates whether the production frontier of WaSCs is overall constant returns to scale (CRS) or variable returns to scale (VRS) by using two different data envelopment analysis models. In a second-stage(More)
  • Alex H. Barbat, Roberto Aguiar Falconí, +26 authors G. M. Giuliano
  • 2009
Two last generation seismic risk evaluation methods are discussed in the paper, useful both for individual buildings and cities. The first method, known as vulnerability index method, defines the seismic action in terms of the macroseismic intensity and characterizes the vulnerability of the buildings in terms of an index. The functions which allow(More)
The effects of storage temperature, inhibition of ethylene action by treatment with 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) and ultra low oxygen (ULO) atmosphere on chilling injury (CI), fruit firmness and ethylene production in the astringent 'Rojo Brillante' persimmon fruit were investigated. CI symptoms were manifested as a very dramatic loss of firmness after(More)
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