Matilde L F Castro

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The effect of boiling, microwaving and grilling on the composition and nutritional quality of beef intramuscular fat from cattle fed with two diets was investigated. Longissimus lumborum muscle from 15 Alentejano young bulls fed on concentrate or pasture was analyzed. Cooking losses and, consequently, total lipids, increased directly with the cooking time(More)
The purpose of this study was to characterise and compare the nutritional value of Portuguese Carnalentejana-PDO beef, obtained from Alentejana purebred bullocks reared in a semi-extensive system, with the meat from Alentejana×Charolais crossbred bullocks produced in a conventional intensive concentrate-based system. In addition, seasonal changes in(More)
The present study provides a detailed overview of the contents of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) isomers in the most consumed Portuguese CLA-rich foods (milk, butter, yoghurt, cheese, beef and lamb meat), by using silver ion-HPLC. In addition, the contribution of these ruminant-derived foods to the daily intake of CLA isomers was estimated based on(More)
The effects of the slaughter season and muscle type on lipid and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) contents, fatty acid composition and isomeric profile of CLA in Arouquesa veal, from calves reared according to the specifications of the protected designation of origin (PDO), were assessed. Arouquesa purebred calves (n=31) were raised in a traditional(More)
This paper describes the influence of slaughter season on lipid content, fatty acid composition, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) isomeric profile and nutritional value of fat in Barrosã veal from calves reared according to the specifications of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). Barrosã purebred calves (n=27) were raised in a traditional production(More)
Adenylosuccinate lyase deficiency is an autosomal recessive defect of purine metabolism. Succinyladenosine (S-Ado) and succinylaminoimidazole carboxamide riboside (SAICAr) are the disease marker metabolites in physiological fluids. The Bratton-Marshall test for detection of SAICAr in urine has been added to the selective screening for inborn errors of(More)
Previous reports have demonstrated that conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) acts on body fat accumulation in a variety of animal models. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of cis (c)-9,trans (t)-11 and t10,c12 CLA isomers on the number and size of adipocytes from the inguinal and retroperitoneal fats in Wistar male rats. A 5.1% palm(More)
Histochemical stains were applied to six equine uterine biopsies representative of the physiologic breeding season, Spring and Fall transition, and Winter anestrus periods. These were compared with uterine biopsies from six mares with intrauterine urine pooling, eight mares used to study the uterine response to indwelling catheterization, and necropsy(More)
Proximate composition, fatty acid profile, cholesterol, α-tocoferol content and essential (K, Na, Cl, S, Mg, Ca, Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn, and Se) and contaminant element (Hg/MeHg, Cd, Pb, and As) levels in silver scabbardfish (Lepidopus caudatus), hake (Merluccius merluccius), and ray (Raja spp.) were investigated. Results showed that these species contain high(More)
We wanted to determine whether alpha-tocopherol supplementation to pregnant rats could increase the concentration of alpha-tocopherol in maternal and fetal plasma and tissues. Pregnant rats were treated with alpha-tocopherol on days 18 and 19 gestation and studied at day 20. A control group was studied in parallel. Treatment of pregnant rats with(More)